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  • Spraymalt Light 500g
    You can use spray malt for making beer at home. Use it instead of sugar or as a combination.
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  • Co2 Bulbs 8g - 10 in pack
    Use these replacement Co2 bulbs in pressure barrels to add co2 to beer, lager and pilsner.
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  • Beer Kits
    The Stirling Health Food Store sells a wide selection of homebrew beer kits like: Geordie's Yorkshire Bitter, Simply beer kits and Brewferm, which are excellent for beer making at ...

  • Simply Lager 40 pints
    This beer kit makes a full golden crisp lager, light & refreshing with honey notes and a lingering bittersweet finish.
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  • Simply Gluten Free Ale 40 pints
    This beer kit makes a gluten free pale ale.
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  • Simply Yorkshire Bitter 40 pints
    This beer kit makes a full bodied amber beer, juicy malt with a tempting dark fruit aroma and caramel flavours that develop into a pithy bitterness.
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  • Simply Bitter 40 pints
    This beer kit makes a classic tawny British Best Bitter with a fantastic biscuit malt body that leads to a robust and cleansing bitter finish.
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  • Simply Export Stout 40 pints
    This beer kit makes a dark rich stout, smooth with full roasted malt character throughout with dark fruits and dark chocolate notes.
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  • Homebrew
    We sell a wide selection of top quality homebrew kits, supplies and self-sufficiency products, like: beer kits, wine kits, 20L and 5L buckets, corks etc. So, if you're looking for ...

  • Bundaberg Root Beer
    Bundaberg Root Beer is made to a genuine family recipe with real sarsaparilla root, liquorice root, vanilla beans and molasses giving it that rich, unique colour and flavour.
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