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  • Beans & Pulses
    Butter beans, cannellini beans, aduki beans, kidney beans, dried beans, organic dried beans or tinned beans. Large selection of beans to buy online or in our shop in Stirling, Scot...
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  • Whole foods
    We sell a variety of whole foods at the Stirling Health Food Store, like: dried fruits, beans & pulses, flour, oats, oatmeal, cereals and grains in bulk size or small at competitiv...

  • Suma
    Suma is our main supplier of beans, pulses, grains, flours, seeds, dried fruit. It is a cooperative and is fully vegetarian.
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  • Chickpeas - Organic
    Organic chick peas are great in curries, mash with onions and spices for savoury falafels.
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  • Red Kidney Beans - Organic
    Red kidney beans are robust and full flavoured beans with a rich and creamy texture. Best known for their use in Mexican dishes.
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  • Black Turtle Beans - Organic
    Black turtle beans are widely used in Latin America and Mexico. Great for vegan dishes!
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  • Green Split Peas - Organic
    Green split peas make an excellent soup. Add to fried onions, boil for an hour with a good stock, and season.
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  • Brown Lentils - Organic
    Organic brown lentils are excellent in soups, nut roasts, stews and pie fillings.
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  • Red Lentils - Organic
    Organic red lentils are hugely popular and versatile, used in soups, casseroles and curries. Also a source of minerals.
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  • Butter Beans - Organic
    Butter beans are delicious in soups, salads and with vegetables and stews.
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