By stocking cruelty free (BUAV approved), organic, natural and chemical free products we do our bit to minimise our carbon footprint.

We at the Stirling Health Food Store hold our ethics high.

By sourcing locally produced items less transport is needed so there is little environmental impact.

By buying organic foods, you will help wildlife and the environment. Organic means no chemicals or artificial fertilizers have been used, so you will eat less chemicals, the wildlife will flourish and the streams and burns won't get polluted.

We try not to stock toiletries which have been tested on animals. Did you know that high street brands put shampoo in animals eyes just to see if it harms them? We are totally opposed to these practises and stock a large range of cruelty free toiletries.
Even some of our supplement brands are against animal testing.

We try to minimise our waste by recycling cardboard, plastic and glass bottles.
Supermarkets keep their shelves over filled and need to bin a lot of good food, we try to keep our stock low so we do not need to throw away good, edible food. Sometimes this means that if you want to buy larger quantities, you can order in advance or order in bulk size.
By giving customers the option of buying food in bulk (ie 3kg, 10kg and even 25kg) we minimise our packaging and it's cheaper for you too!

And we go even further!
ALL the parcels we post out are boxed up using re-used carboard boxes, re-used packaging chips and re-used bubble wrap!
The only plastic we use in our parcels is the brown tape to close the parcel! That means less plastic ends up in landfill.