From the 30st of April 2011 a new law comes into force. The Herbal Directive Regulation means there is stricter regulations on herbal supplements.

EU Law April 2011 - Herbal Directive RegulationIt basically means that manufacterers of herbal remedies are no longer allowed to sell any unlicensed herbal remedies. We as a shop will be allowed to continue selling herbal supplements left on our shelves, we just cannot obtain them any more. Fortunately a lot of manufacterers have licensed some of their products, so these will continue to stay on the market. Some products are now undergoing the licensing procedure, these might disappear for a short while and reappear later this year.

Other products have been registered as a food supplement and are therefore exempt from the new law. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are also exempt. The law only applies to herbal supplements and remedies taken internally.

Herbals which will almost certainly disappear forever are: dong quai, berberis, galeopsis, tormentil, bilberry, calendula, goldenseal, horny goat weed, wild yam, boswellia, boldo and probably many more.
Examples of licensed herbal remedies are: devil's claw, st. John's wort, passionflower, sage, echinacea, saw palmetto.

You can ask any of us at the Stirling Health Food Store about this new law and if your favourite supplement will be lost or not and what alternatives there might be available for you.