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    As well as buying products from our real health store in Stirling, you can now buy a range of products from our online shop in the UK! When you buy your products online you can Cli...
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  • Panettone 100g
    With its characteristic shape, panettone is the specialty Christmas cake of Milan with an ancient and noble tradition.
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  • Vegenaise ┬« Original
    Original Vegenaise® is an egg-free mayonnaise alternative made with soya oil. Egg free mayonaise, so suitable for vegans.
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  • Toiletries
    We offer a wide range of ethical toiletries (SLS free, Paraben free), natural & health products, cruelty free cosmetics and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are bio...

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    We sell health, whole, dietary foods (like vegetarian and vegan) from our shop in Stirling, Scotland. You can choose from a wide selection of health foods in bulk size or small, th...

  • Panettone with Chocolate 100g
    Traditional Italian panettone made with quality ingredients. Flavoured with chocolate chips, a sure favourite for your Christmas!
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  • Eat Real Lentil + Salt
    Delicious crisps free from gluten, dairy and egg.
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  • Eat Real Lentil + Chilli
    Delicious crisps free from gluten, dairy and egg.
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  • Organic Eggs - Large
    Locally sourced, Scottish free range eggs from chickens who live outside and don't get preventive antibiotics.
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  • Moo Free Original Bar
    Dairy free, gluten free, egg free, soya free chocolates minibars. Vegan and Vegetarian.
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